Freitag, 18. Oktober 2019


"M.W. fast add" 120 000 members

"email add..the fastest way... " 50 000 members

" add me (e-mail add..."
28 000 members

Add Me! Add ME!! Add Me!!!" 20 000 members bg

"mass email add"
1800 members

"Mass Email Invites"
1500 members

"the mad adder"
1200 members
in this thread you can find ~3000 older addesses and links to threads
with more addreses

i think in the moment you can find 30 groups with the subject

mass e-mail add

20 000 members
b g


"1,000,000 facebook friends" 40 000 members

"street art" 3000 members

"graffiti" 3500 members

"hacker" 4700 members

Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019

mafia groups

the biggest mafia group

Another thing: a extern list with 17 000 hidden addresses + 800 new addresses

checked 8 600 addresses as a zip file
if the link doesnt work view the thread or the group

Freitag, 19. Juli 2019


install links -_- rwin.exe -_- FF add on ¹ ² ³ install_link_FF_plugin_"Ad by"

If you intent to add your e-mail address to the lists
•use 1st the "g" = group link and click the join group button
•use a not so important address in the mail add lists i.e. from

gmail if you have enough friends you can change your
fb address from x.x.x@g.. to xxx@g..
(gmail/googlemail ignores dot´s in the addresses and you can
delete your previous used addr. via a filter ) you can create a new dispossable address °
→ yahoo.xy * create a new dispossable address " i.e. "...-fb1@y..
available @,,, + ... not @

° register a domain and forward this domain to i.e. your facebook hp.
Access facebook in 90 days at least 30 times with your domain.
Than you can keep the "ownership" and create new dispossable e-mail
addresses for your domain

-_- switching to another facebook profile by typing "Username" behind""
and hiting the right windows Key
ADVANTAGE: saves the step to delete the previous username and to hit ENTER
u can use this script 2 to shorten addresses (2 steps less ) =

install_link_FF_add on_"Ad by"

Greasmonkey userscripts for FireFox

requirement add on greasemonkey -_- install link

¹ Facebook Invites* ** accept different requests + bulk add friends
via clicks on buttons. >10000 requests use script²↓ -_- install_link

¹Auto-Accept Facebook Friend Reqests*
requirement: ►facebook language en! TIP: →click a bookmark
→ click the bookmark again after 1 min for the next 200 requests -_- install_link

userscript Remove Facebook ads with css -_- install link → auto add friends from forum topics -_- with a nice gui -_- install link * the scripts ¹ ² are accepting only 200 friend requests →reload the page¹² and click the button again. But you can accept or ignore an unlimmited no. group invites *² for the "bulk add friend" function it´s important to tick the checkbox , before you hit the button.

Samstag, 25. Mai 2019

facebook record 5011 friends -_- the limit = 5000

i don´t know what happened , but in 2 case i´ve reached 5011 + 5002 friends for a short time.
Maybee the reason: the friends 4811 - 5011 added with the script Autoaccept friend requests => /1

You will always loose friends if you reached a number next to the limit from 5000 friends
2 reasons: banned, inactivity ...

perma url´s = -_- record -_- /5002 -_- /5011

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ ─────██████████════█ ﴾͡●̯͡●﴿

this blog includes direct links to threads
where you can invite the posted addresses

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

the 23 000 inactive addr. are unverified addr. Some of them are included in the 800kb file